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The historic William Crooks
The historic William Crooks, 1861

The St. Paul and Pacific was the first railroad in Minnesota, and the William Crooks was the first steam locomotive to run in the state. Come and see it at the Lake Superior Railroad Museum, and North Shore Scenic Railroad.

fire up locomotive #28

The All New Christmas City Express

The fabulous new Christmas City Express Train to the Dultuh Depot.


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How the business of running a tourist railroad has changed.  We used to go away after the season ended and wait until next year.  Now we run trains for “Pumpkins” and Easter, especially the December holiday trains that have now become so important to our organizations.

The additional seasonal revenue is great, but what is best is that we get to make amazing family memories and start holiday traditions in the magical folklore of railroads. At the North Shore Scenic Railroad, in Duluth, we hosted “Polar Express” for many years before we developed our own event.  We did this to freshen a story that is now forty years old and has been seen or heard by everyone, to having a feature event that is local and so that revenues stay right here with our railroad.  We think Warner Brothers has enough money and that unlike “Thomas” the money you pay them gets you very little in return.  Where is all the merchandise?

We would like to share our exciting, new story and event, Christmas City Express, with your railroad.  The book is a heart-warming account of a young girl on her way to visit her grandparents on Christmas Eve when a snowstorm strands their train. It’s about what one conductor and the passengers must do to find a way to save Christmas on the train and they do. There’s even a visit from a surprise “guest” who assures all the passengers and gives them a special Christmas present. At our railroad, this entire event is done with a train ride, a live story reading and with a tour of our museum, which, like yours, is always “decked out” for the holidays.

Call us so we can discuss this option for a custom holiday train of your own on your railroad. The story was written and illustrated to be adaptable and localized to your area and Museum.  The accompanying book makes it a perfect addition to your giftshop and holiday train passenger’s experience: 218-733-7594